History of Pamax AG

The first event takes place. Pamax Svetraco AG opens its doors for two days.
12/2007Svetraco AG is liquidated as of December 31st, 2007
06/2007 Fusion of Pamax Automation AG with Svetrvaco AG to Pamax Svetraco AG
05/2007The office space is adapted to the new requirements and renovated. An additional 160 m² of storage space is rented.
01/2007Svetraco AG becomes inactive and the fusion of the two companies is prepared. The employees are taken over by Pamax Automation AG.
12/2006Sale of the first large Steimel chip processing plant to Aeschlimann in Lüsslingen.
04/2006With Thomas Messerli, the second son of company founder Paul Messerli enters the company. Paul Messerli slowly reduces his involvement in the company.
10/2003Acquisition of the company Svetraco AG; it remains a subsidiary of Pamax Automation AG.
03/1999The very first semitrailer anywhere in Switzerland with electronically controlled hydraulic steering system hits the road.
11/1996Name change to PAMAX Automation AG. With Christian Messerli, the second generation joins the board of directors.
03/1991The first tubular winch is dispatched.
02/1988The first winch for silo cleaning is delivered to Nestle.
03/1987Relocation to the new condominium premises at Winterthurerstrasse 26/28 in Wallisellen.
The staff is increased to a total of 9 permanent employees.
07/1983Due to a lack of space, the company once again needs to look for larger premises. Workshop, storage and offices are to be brought together under one roof.
01/1980The team welcomes more new employees.
09/1979The first winches for stage construction are dispatched.
08/1979Additional space is rented.
The first company-own door control system is created. PAMAX is the first company that offers wired door drives and control systems. This way of delivery will not be copied by competitors until the late 80s.
01/1978PAMAX introduces tilting balls for small dump trucks onto the market. The balls are drop forged.
10/1976The two company founders are supported by their first employee. The first signs of a recession can be seen.
06/1976The company moves to larger premises at Kriesbachstrasse 5 in Wallisellen.
12/1974The business is extended in the direction of drive technology with the take over of the representation of the company Neukirchen.
01/1974 The first compact tilting system is sold:
3-stage telescopic cylinder, electric power unit, high pressure hose and fittings. Net sales price: 1,100 Swiss franc
03/1973Company is founded by Paul Messerli and Max Huber
Address: PAMAX AG, im Spitz 5, 8304 Wallisellen
Workshop in a private basement