Chip conveyors and screening equipment

Chip conveyors are used to transport chips. Screening equipment helps with the sorting of chips and parts. Our hinged belt conveyors and scraper conveyors transport long or short chips. Our screening equipment reliably sorts your bulky material by means of drums or vibrating screens.

Chip conveyor


Hinged belt conveyor for long, bushy chips
Scraper width: 450/600/750 mm
Incline: 0° to 60°

Scraper conveyor for short chips
Scraper width: 350/500/650/800 mm
Incline: 0° to 75°

Screening equipment


Screening equipment designed for drum screening or vibration screening for screening and sorting of bulky materials.

Customer-specific screening features

Optionally available with dosing feed funnel


Scraper conveyors

Hinged belt conveyors

Questionnaire on the project planing of chip processing systems

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