De-oiling / drying / coating: During centrifugation, chips are de-oiled in order to recover valuable cooling lubricants (oil or emulsions) and to reintroduce it back into the machining process. Parts are de-oiled, dried and potentially coated. Centrifuges and automatic centrifugation installations are the perfect choice. Save materials and costs and protect the environment with minimum effort and huge effect.

Batch centrifuges


Manually operated batch centrifuges with removable drums, 13/20/25/60/95/140/200 l capacity, other sizes and special drum designs available on request

Field of application: De-oiling, drying, flushing, coating and corrosion protection

Centrifugation installations


Automatic batch centrifuges or continuously working centrifugation installations with customer specific design

Field of application: efficient recovery of lubricants, flushing, coating and corrosion protection of large material quantities (chips, bulky materials) with automatic processes, minimum handling and large throughput


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