Rotary piston pumps, size 1" to 8" (DN 25 to DN 200)

Rotary piston pump

Pump available with either horizontal or vertical flow

Pump with free shaft mounted on a base plate or as compact pump block.


  • Chocolate industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Dairy products
  • General food products
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemistry
  • Pharmaceutical industry


Piston geometries: Trilobate/bilobate/geared/crescent-shaped/rubber-coated rotor


Pump models:

  • Pump with bypass valve on the cover
  • Pump with external bridge bypass valve
  • Aseptic pump
  • Pump with enlarged suction port
  • Pump with heat jacket
  • Pump cover can be heated
  • Plastic pump
  • Drive with hydraulic motor


Right figure: Type C / CF, the new series of hygienic pumps for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries in accordance with EHEDG and 3A.