Eccentric screw pumps

Eccentric screw pumps for uniform and gentle pumping of products.

Characteristics: Large, free opening for solid contents, low flow rates.

Suitable for products with high and very high viscosity.


  • The low slippage enables almost proportional pumping of the medium depending on the flow rate and the speed.
  • Self-priming even at low speeds
  • The pump works according to the positive displacement principle and ensures uniform transport of a defined flow volume.
  • Pumping capacity of up to 130 m³/h and pressures of up to 24 bar
  • Models for food-processing or industrial applications
  • Models with funnel and filling screw and bridge breaker if required or in vertical design

Products and processes:

Fluids with a viscosity of up to 200,000 mPa/s can be pumped. Models with funnel and filling screw are suitable for viscosities of up to 800,000 mPa/s.

Food products, for example: Concentrates in the beverage industry or for wine producers, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, chemistry, fabric finishing, waste water and sludge