Private doors and gates

We plan and install your private doors and gates. You tells us what you want and we give it to you. Simply select your material and your favorite door type, e.g. sliding or double wing gate. We use our expertise and know how to realize your private door or gate.

Kipptor aus Holz lackiert

Painted overhead timber gate

Kipptor aus Aluminium lackiert

Painted overhead aluminum gate

Kipptor aus Holz mit speziellem Dekor

Overhead timber gate with special decor

Kipptor aus Holz deckend gestrichen

Fully painted overhead timber gate

Ausführung auch farblos möglich

Colorless design also available

Kipptor aus Wellengitter

Corrugated wire mesh overhead gates incl. service door in the main gate

Schiebetor aus Lochblech

Perforated metal sliding gate with separate service door

Sektionaltor Gross-Sicke

Gross-Sicke sectional gate

Privat-Sektionaltor mit Lüftungsfenster

Private sectional gate with ventilation window

Torfront aus Aluminium

Aluminum gate front incl. separate service door


Double wing gate


Rolling gate

Sectional gates are also the perfect replacement for outdated overhead gates.